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SAMPE Orange County Meeting Notice

Wed., Sept 19th, 2012 at 6 p.m.

Crash Simulation of Composite and Metallic Structures
Dr. Ali Najafi - Research Scientist
AlphaStar Corporation


Stricter regulations on fuel economy and growing concerns over vehicle emissions have led to an increased focus on vehicle weight reduction through the design of lighter structures with lightweight materials, especially in automotive and aerospace body structures. The fuel economy improvements gained through weight reduction must also be balanced with the requirements for crash safety which is mainly defined based on the energy absorption capability of structures.

Traditionally, due to severity of the loading environment and structural response, the design options usually have to be built and evaluated through expensive experimental procedures which are mainly destructive tests. Computational simulations have emerged as a powerful tool for a rapid design by guiding and reducing physical experiments. Crash simulation is based on mathematical models representing the basic characteristics of materials and structures. However, the energy absorption mechanism is highly depending on the fidelity of the model. In polymer composite structures, the main mechanism of energy absorption is due to extensive damage and micro-cracks whereas in metallic structures it is mainly due to excessive plastic deformation. Several automotive and aerospace application problems in both component and structural level will be presented and discussed..


Dr. Ali Najafi is a Research Scientist at AlphaSTAR Corporation. His expertise include Simulation Technology, leading diverse simulation solutions in the areas of damage mechanics, constitutive modeling, multi-scale simulation, micromechanics, impact dynamics, and crashworthiness using nonlinear implicit/explicit finite element methods. Since joining AlphaSTAR, Ali has been leading advanced analysis in structural stability, crashworthiness and impact mechanics in various programs. He has over thirty publications mainly in the area of crash mechanics, design optimization and materials modeling. Ali is currently responsible for simulating crash dynamic events for large-scale aircraft structures to gain airworthiness certification. He is AIAA Senior Member and Member of AIAA Structures Technical Committee.


  • The Jagerhaus in Anaheim, 2525 East Ball Road, just west of the 57 Freeway, on the North side of Ball.
    Turn right at the first driveway. Phone 714-520-9500. GoogleMap Link


    6:00 pm Social7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Speaker — Member or guest dinner $20.
    Student (with student ID) dinner $10. No cost for Program only.

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