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SAMPE Orange County Meeting Notice

Wed., Aug 15th, 2012 at 6 p.m.

Entry - Departure of the Contract Review Process
Bob Coker , CEO/President
ACETD, LLC, (Advanced Concept Engineering Test and Design)


Today's turbulent and competitive business climate especially in the Aviation industry doesn’t allow much margin for error. Every obstacle must be avoided and not hurdled later; the best way to accomplish this is to have a well organized system in place. With the Contract Review Process all the appropriate personnel and disciplines must be readily available to analyze and voice their opinion even for a minor technicality so disaster doesn’t take place that still could quite possibly hold a company contractually obligated. Comprehending and educating ones’ self towards specific customer’s requirements to meet their demands upfront can save lots of frustration and allow profit margin.

Within this presentation, lessons learned will be gladly shared so the painful pitfalls witnessed and/or experienced during my professional career are not explored by others. Carefully defining the Contract Review Process and remaining true to the cause will allow solvent, strategic business relationships with the realm of repeat - new business opportunity.


Mr. Coker has an extensive background in the overall operations of: MP&E, - Production Readiness forms of engineering with detrimental emphasis on advanced development. He also upholds a broad background in project management and systems engineering for integrated business platform programs of Commercial - Defense. Mr. Coker is responsible for the overall daily management involving engineering operations involving DOE, troubleshooting, initiating production programs, frequency matrices, etc. for a major tier aerospace supplier. He is instrumental in the design, development, analysis and validation-certification in a multitude of OEM parts that serve the aerospace community. He has extensive experience in metallic – non-metallic materials and program management.

Mr. Coker also serves as the founder and CEO/President of ACETD, LLC, (Advanced Concept Engineering Test and Design). He is actively involved in pursuing advanced technologies to innovate and promote: Bio agriculture – Orthopedics – transportation – renewable energy – extreme sports, etc.

Mr. Coker previously worked for MPSA, HITCO, Northrop Grumman Corp., (Man-Tech), Boeing Aircraft Co., (Phantom Works) and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, (Adv. Tactical Tanker Systems), North-American Aviation, etc. During his current - past professional career; he’s responsible for managing – liaison engineering in development for advanced all-composite structures that support rotor – commercial – UAV – spacecraft.


  • The Jagerhaus in Anaheim, 2525 East Ball Road, just west of the 57 Freeway, on the North side of Ball.
    Turn right at the first driveway. Phone 714-520-9500. GoogleMap Link


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