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SAMPE Orange County Meeting Notice

Wed., June 15th, 2011 at 6 p.m.

Advanced Material Properties Measurements and FEA Model Validation with Optical Metrology.

Speaker: Vinh Tran
Senior Engineer, Trilion Quality Systems

Dynamic Photogrammetry and 3D image correlation provides the ability to measure 3D coordinates, 3D displacements and the true surface strains of material and structures, without contact or without many difficulties associated with these measurements. This unique capability allows the equipment to be used for rapid full-field measurements in the material test lab to the fatigue test lab, providing the results of 10,000 contiguous strain gauges. This is particularly appropriate for complex and composite and light structures.

In addition, 3D image correlation can be used for measurements in extreme environments. In thermal conditions, it is used for fine measurements to well over 1000°C. In windy conditions, it is being for wind tunnel tests. In vibration conditions, it is used in engine test cells. For remote applications, it can measure free space modal conditions.

Ideal for iteration and validation computer models and simulations, 3D image correlation is a general purpose strain measurement tool able to measure full-field deformation and strain in a broad variety ofenvironments on most materials.


Vinh Tran is a Senior Engineer at Trilion Quality Systems. He has over 8 years of experience in the field of 3D metrology helping companies from wide range of industry (aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, and biomechanics) to solve manufacturing challenges and improving process and quality control. Some of the projects he’s worked on include full scale testing of aircrafts, wind turbines, and solar panels inside a vacuum chambers.. He holds a BS in Optical Science and Engineering from the University of California-Davis.


The Jagerhaus in Anaheim, 2525 East Ball Road, just west of the 57 Freeway, on the North side of Ball.
Turn right at the first driveway. Phone 714-520-9500. GoogleMap Link


6:00 pm Social7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Speaker — Member or guest dinner $20.
Student (with student ID) dinner $10. No cost for Program only.

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