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Wed., May 16, 2007

History of Abrasive Blasting Medias and Equipment

Dennis Duncan, President, Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment Co.


To understand the present sometimes you have to go back to the past. The first large sandblasting operation was the Golden Gate Bridge. The second was shot peening for Ford Motor Company to get the automobile springs to keep from breaking.

The History of Abrasive Blasting and Shot Peening in the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries. The aircraft industry in the late 30s, embraced abrasive blasting and shot peening in the manufacture of airplane wings, which then extends into other high stress areas to eliminate fatigue cracking.

Advances in Blast Medias and Applications. Sand as an abrasive media was replaced by aluminum oxide, glass beads, walnut shells, rice hulls, baking soda, dry ice and eventually different grades of plastic media.

Prep for coating and coating removal of advanced composite materials and metals. The current state-of-the-art product is the starch family, made up of wheat starch polymer and corn starch polymer with acrylic.


Dennis joined Zero Manufacturing Blast & Peen Division in 1966. During his 20 years with Zero, it grew and became one of the largest fine abrasive blasting equipment manufacturers in the world.

In 1989 Zero was purchased by Clemco Industries, the largest manufacturer of contractor/portable blast systems at that time. Dennis moved to California to start Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment Co. distributing abrasive blasting equipment and medias.

Dennis’ experience gave him the engineering and manufacturing background required for problem solving in many industries, however aerospace became his forte.

Throughout the years, coatings have become increasingly more advanced along with discoveries of environmentally friendly means of waste disposal.

He works closely with Archer Daniels Midland, the manufacturer of starch medias designed for removing coatings from composites. Starch medias are becoming more preferred as more aircraft are manufactured with more composites than ever before. Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment Co. is one of two Distributors for ADM in the country. Dennis will explain why starch is replacing other medias currently used for coatings removal.


The Jagerhaus in Anaheim, 2525 East Ball Road, just west of the 57 Freeway, on the North side of Ball.
Turn right at the first driveway. Phone 714-520-9500. GoogleMap Link


6:00 pm Social7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Speaker — Member or guest dinner $20.
Student (with student ID) dinner $10. No cost for Program only.

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