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Wed., Sept 15th, 2010 at 6:00 p.m

SciArt, Inc.
Science and Art in Weaving ™ for Advanced Composite Textiles


 Vince Bailey
Composite Specialists, Laguna Niguel,CA
Sciart, Inc. of Drummondville, Quebec, Canada


SciArt, Inc combines Science and Art in Weaving ô, and brings technology and skill to Fiber Reinforced Plastics, FRP, composite applications. SciArt, Inc is unique in that in addition to providing industry standard reinforcing fabrics of carbon, aramid, S2 and E glass utilizing traditional bi-directional weaving, Sciart manufactures a series of unidirectionally oriented dry fabrics including unidirectional hot-melt fill yarn weaving, and no-crimp unidirectional surface bonded technology.

SciArt, Incís unidirectionally oriented fabrics consist of carbon, aramid, S2 or E glass homogeneous, reinforcing warp fibers or a hybrid of warp fibers. HMF ô provides a proprietary thermoplastic hot-melt fill yarn woven over and under warp yarns and thermally bonded to warp fibers. Ancaref ô is a unidirectionally oriented fabric having no-crimp and a proprietary thermoplastic web thermally bonded to warp fibers. SciArt, Incís unique series of unidirectional fabrics provide directionally tailored reinforcement to FRP laminates in hand-layup, wet-preg, pre-preg, and resin infusion lamination processes and find wide use in applications from aircraft, automotive, civil infrastructure, marine, medical, recreational & sporting goods.

Sciart Inc.ís presentation will review the unidirectional fabric architectures, a comparison of the observed mechanical performance of the fabrics and its competitor product unidirectional forms, the design and processing benefits of each, and highlight specific application experiences benefiting from unidirectional fabric to tailor structural performance.


Vincent Bailey has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School. Vince began his composites career at Sikorsky Aircraft working composites manufacturing engineering on the CH53 Superstallion and S70 Blackhawk helicopter programs in Stratford, CT. At McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, CA, Vince was a senior manufacturing R&D engineer working composite CRAD research and the C17 Globemaster programs. Vince was a Technical Sales Engineer for the Ferro Composites Division in Los Angeles, CA, a prepreg operation now under Cytec, and is currently a principal for Composites Specialists ģ of Laguna Niguel, CA and Sciart, Inc. of Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. Vince has been a SAMPE member of the Orange County chapter since 1984 and served on SAMPEís Executive Cabinet from 2002-2006 as International Treasurer and Senior Vice President.


The Jagerhaus in Anaheim, 2525 East Ball Road, just west of the 57 Freeway, on the North side of Ball.
Turn right at the first driveway. Phone 714-520-9500. GoogleMap Link


6:00 pm Social7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Speaker — Member or guest dinner $20.
Student (with student ID) dinner $10. No cost for Program only.

Reservations:: E-mail Darrell Reed, Darrell.Reed@Exova.com , call 714-630-3003, x 211
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